Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hospitals in England Starting Empower Robot

Royal Forth Valley Hospital became the first hospital in England which employs a group of robots. Previously, the robot was already present in Japan and the United States, to ease the tasks in the hospital.

Quoted from the Daily Mail, Monday (06/21/2010), robots are employed Forth Valley Royal Hospital are divided into two groups.

The first, the robot is performing work 'dirty' as to transport clinical waste and clean the dirty linen. While the second, the robot that does the job 'clean' as delivering food and medicine to the patient.

A spokesman for Forth Valley Royal Hospital, Elspeth Campbell said the fleet of robots that cost up to £ 300 million is a very helpful staff. "The staff was very helpful. It's nice to be first in the UK employs fleet of robots in hospitals," he said.

Campbell added that the existence of the hospital's robots will not replace human functions, but enables nurses and doctors have more time for patients.

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