Monday, July 19, 2010

Techno Inovation-Japanesse Portable Toilet/WC

Unique Technology: Japanesse Portable Toilet
Unique one did by japan person. This time they make a product innovation that really unique, which is portable toilet/wc. which can be taken in anywhere. This product special is made to settle Japanese society rushing that progressively increases.

The Gotta Go Briefcase
Product upon is  portable toilet that named The Gotta Go Briefcase or case anywhere (as tool of Doraemon's belonging). This case introduced by Niban Too Corporation. This tool is expected gets to settle rushing employ which charged by time.

This case made from Mahogany's skin material, meanwhile seat made from Stainless Steel. Besides it also been proveded with cleaner tissue and mop cloth puts hand out that hygienic. Maximal weight of this case is 175 pounds, so You not necessarily fear to sit on this portable toilet because this case bate gravity until 175 pounds or about 87,5kg. Do you want to try case portable toilet?

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