Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The World's First Motion Sensor for PC

Asus introduces new ways to enjoy entertainment on television and the PC. If you usually use the remote control or wireless controller, Asus WAVI Xtion (read: way-vee action) would adopt the first motion sensor technology for PC in the world.

Ya, with the latest technology, the users can play games on the PC, play multimedia entertainment at home only with the intuitive body gestures input on the Full HD display.

Asus WAVI Xtion

Asus WAVI Xtion consists of two components, namely WAVI wireless streaming media device, and motion sensors Xtion.
WAVI capable of displaying high definition media wirelessly from a PC to the TV in different rooms. He also marked the emergence of a motion sensor interface for playing multimedia, gaming, and other applications based on gesture.

While WAVI Xtion integrate motion sensing technology from PrimeSense with ASUS Xtion Portal user interface through the application of intuitive interaction.

You know Nintendo Wii console? How it works WAVI Xtion approximately the same with him. It's just that if the Wii uses a wireless controller, WAVI Xtion not at all. It's really based on gesture motion captured body motion sensor camera.

Meanwhile, PC connection and a TV using a wireless HDMI (technology WHDMI), which provides data transfer to display high definition content such as movies, games, and photos at a frequency of 5 GHz with coverage reaching 25 meters.

"Collaboration with Asus in presenting solutions to WAVI Xtion 3D sensor in the industry prove that a natural interaction technology ideal for use in the family room," said CEO PrimeSense, Inon Beracha. "Full intuitive gesture-based operation will be the future of the entire device."

Here are the WAVI Xtion specifications
Wireless Standard
AMIMON WHDI Technology
4 x 5 MIMO Antenna
5GHz operating frequency
Transmission Range Up to 25 meters (line of sight)
Tx I / O input 1xHDMI
Rx I / O 1xHDMI output, 2 x USB
Audio Up to 8-channel 24-bit 192KHz

Operating range
0.8 m-3, 5m
Viewing angle (horizontal, vertical, diagonal) 58 °, 45 °, 70 °
Depth Sensor
The platform supports Intel ® X86 and AMD ®
Supported operating systems Microsoft Windows ® XP, Vista, Windows 7 32-bit
Interface / power USB2.0

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